Our Founder

Coach Davis has been an ICF credentialed coach since 2014. Successfully coaching 1k+ clients.

❏ Career Growth Strategist - 2011

❏ Career Transition Coach - 2011

❏ Career Analysis & Clarity Coach - 2014

❏ Mid-Level & Senior Executive Coach - 2014

❏ Professional & Executive Coach - 2014

❏ Certified Life Coach - 2014

❏ Credentialed Mentor Coach - 2018

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Coach Davis completed a Graduate Certificate Program in Executive and Professional Coaching from Naveen Jindal School of Business at University of Texas at Dallas and obtained an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) designation through the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She also hold's a Bachelor's in Business with a concentration in HR Training and Development. She is a Certified Job and Career Development/Transition Coach©, Certified MBTI® Step I & II Myers-Briggs Instrument Practitioner (Personality Assessment), Certified Winslow Leadership Assessment Coach, Certified Strong Inventory Practitioner, serves on the Chief Learning Officer Business Intelligence Board and is a Judge for the Learning Elite Awards.